Social Media How To: Writing for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

In this day and age, social media has become a necessary public relations part for most companies and organizations. Big or small, businesses of all industries engage their stakeholders on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn by posting regular updates and sharing news throughout the week. However, in order to get the most out of your social media engagement, it is important to adjust your writing style to each platform accordingly.

Experienced content creators and social media managers know that writing for a blog is different from writing for social media, but few people care to adjust the tone of their writing to each social media platform.

For instance, when writing for Facebook, make sure your posts are short, conversational and prompt readers to action. Feel free to ask your audience questions, share images, photos and links to helpful resources.

When writing for Twitter, try to sound friendly and personable in 140 characters or less. Remember to include appropriate hashtags in your posts, but make sure to research them beforehand to avoid any misinterpretation. Don’t overuse hashtags either, as this will only hurt your post’s effectiveness. According to research, tweets with hashtags have twice as much engagement as those without hashtags. However, those with three or more hashtags actually have 17 percent less engagement than tweets with just one or two hashtags.

Being the most business-oriented of the three social media platforms mentioned here, LinkedIn calls for a more buttoned up and professional tone. Try to be concise and include shareable information related to your business or industry. And of course, don’t forget that LinkedIn has its own convenient blogging feature, which could be used for publishing longer, more in-depth insights into your topics of interest.

Remember these little differences when drafting copy for your next update on social media and you will be able to reach your audiences more effectively and convert more visitors into followers.


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