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The Role of Public Relations in Brand Building

A brand is more than just a symbol or a memorable tag line. A brand is a combination of the company’s mission and vision, operating principles and the relationship with its stakeholders. A brand is what gives a company its meaning and differentiates it from the competition. A strong brand also affects consumer loyalty and perceptions toward the company’s products or services.
Building a brand is not easy: it goes beyond products and services. Rather, it encapsulates a company’s reputation, organizational culture and core values. All this cannot be achieved with marketing or advertising alone. This is why organizations turn to public relations experts to help tell their stories and convey their vision in an effective and compelling way.
In order to be effective, a company’s internal and external messages must be consistent and in line with its overarching narrative. By helping develop and unify this messaging across all channels public relations helps businesses foster a positive percep…