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3 Tips for More Engaging PR Writing

Writing for PR is not an easy craft and requires considerable skill and constant practice. The main challenge in PR writing is telling stories in an engaging and informative way without overinflating or trying to create big news out of something insignificant. This is often easier said than done.
To help you continue sharpening your PR writing skills, we’ve come up with these three tips that could help ensure that your press releases, media pitches and corporate announcements get reader’s attention.
1. Tell a story. Remember that simply communicating news does little to engage journalists and stakeholders. As natural storytellers, people connect much better with narratives that convey a sense of progress and an idea that is larger than the news itself. When writing for PR, make sure to put your information in a context that provides a larger picture and illustrates why this news is significant.
2. Provide substance. Above all, PR writing is meant to inform and clearly communicate importan…