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What Every Spokesperson Needs to Know before Communicating with Media

Whether building a new brand, commenting on a current issue or stating an official position, business owners, corporate spokespeople and public relations experts need to be prepared to effectively communicate and justify their point of view. This, in turn, requires a lot more than simply having your position statement at the ready.
In order to effectively deliver your message, it has to be disseminated as part of a concerted campaign utilizing various forms of media. In addition to issuing a press release, submitting an op-ed and making yourself available for press interviews, consider also formatting your message for social media.
Having defined your official position statement, make sure to supplement it with several reasons explaining your position. Your reasons should also include hard data points backing up your claims.
When interviewed by the media, explain how your newly stated position relates to your organization’s core values. Break your position statement down into several co…