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Why Your Company Needs a Data Breach Communications Plan

Data breaches and cyber attacks require swift and effective actions on the part of an organization: decisions must be made quickly and there is absolutely no room for mistakes.
However, too many organizations fall victim to the lack of strategy in their post-breach communications. A poorly managed crisis response can lead to a damaged reputation, lost revenues and millions of dollars in mitigation costs.
The key to an effective data breach response is being proactive and establishing concrete procedures and messaging that can be used during a crisis. Such preparation will map out the immediate plan of action and establish a clear chain of command, enabling your company to move quickly and minimize the controversy, financial impact and unnecessary litigation.
A comprehensive data breach response plan will guide your organization throughout the duration of a crisis. It will identify the best ways to communicate with both internal and external stakeholders, regulators and government offici…

6 Essential Parts of a Press Release

In communications, no piece of writing is more versatile than a press release. Press releases are official announcements that companies use to inform the news media and the public about a particular news or development. Although press releases can be issued on a variety of different occasions, including launching a new product, opening new headquarters, receiving an award or hiring a new executive, most of them adhere to a similar format.
Here are the 6 essential parts most press releases possess:
1.Headline The headline, or title, of a press release tells readers what the release is about. Being the first thing that people see, a headline is very important part of a press release. Try to keep it concise and engaging. An effective headline should grab the reader's attention and make them want to keep reading. However, do be careful not to overpromise or overinflate the news in your headlines, as doing so will turn them into worthless clickbaits. Remember to capitalize the first lett…