What is Crisis Communications?

Crisis Communications is a sub-field of Public Relations that deals with protecting individuals, companies and organizations facing challenges to their public image and reputation. Unlike traditional PR, which focuses on generating and harnessing positive earned media to boost brand awareness and reputation, crisis PR aims at containing negative earned media by ensuring prompt, honest and informative communication between all parties.

No company is immune to crisis. However, research shows that most companies don’t do enough to prepare themselves for an effective crisis response in case of an unforeseen calamity.

Crisis communications experts provide the necessary tools to businesses and organizations that allow them to react effectively in an emergency situation. Oftentimes, crisis PR experts are called in when it becomes clear that a reputational threat is unavoidable. However, to maximize the effectiveness of your crisis response, it is important be proactive and take advantage of professional crisis communications counsel before it occurs.

When retained proactively, crisis communications experts can help organizations conduct a special vulnerability audit, identifying any communications issues and putting the necessary crisis management procedures in place. They can develop the essential messaging that can be quickly utilized in case of an emergency. Additionally, crisis communications experts can train company CEO and spokespersons for effectively communicating with the public and the media and reducing the amount of speculation and misinterpretation about company actions.

These are just a few examples in a plethora of professional services provided by crisis PR agencies. In short, crisis communications counsel helps companies, organizations and individuals adequately prepare for a number of crisis scenarios minimizing any reputational and financial damages, and in certain cases even making those reputations stronger than ever before.

With offices in Washington D.C. and Florida, Red Banyan Group specializes in providing skilled crisis communications counsel to companies all across the United States and internationally. With decades of experience, our crisis PR experts have helped businesses of all sizes navigate the uncertainties of challenging situations and communicate effectively with the right audiences when the stakes are at their highest.

If you need help or want to learn more about how professional crisis communications counsel can benefit your organization, give us a call at 954-379-3845.


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